Best 4 Cycle String Trimmer

Have weeds taken over your once pristine garden? Manually pulling weeds out is literally a pain, so you need the help of the best 4 cycle string trimmer.

4 cycle string trimmers have more than enough power for the job, and they are quite easy to use as well. However, not all trimmers are created equal, and some give more value than others.

4 Cycle String Trimmer Reviews

4-Cycle JumpStart TB4BP Troy-Bilt

4-Cycle JumpStart TB4BP Troy-Bilt is a simple yet powerful 4-cycle string trimmer. With a long flex tube, it is easy to manoeuvre. You can use it to trim, as well as blow large piles of debris and leaves.

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Expand-It Ryobi Trimmer

A universal power head is one of the features of the high-performing 4-Cycle Expand-It Ryobi Trimmer. You can attach this power head to many lawn-care attachments.

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Gas-Powered Ryobi Trimmer

4-Cycle Gas-Powered Trimmer is a user-friendly power tool. At 22 lbs., it is lightweight. As it makes powerful cuts, it emits low levels of noise.

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4-Stroke 967055801 Husqvarna Trimmer

4-Stroke 967055801 Husqvarna Trimmer can produce powerful cuts. It operates on pure gas. With Smart Start and Air Purge systems, it works quickly and efficiently.

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MTD Southwest TB685 Natural Trimmer

MTD Southwest TB685 Natural Trimmer is a gasoline-powered trimmer. It features a straight shaft. With a starting system and multi-position handle, it starts and works quickly.

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4-Stroke EM2652LHN Makita Trimmer

4-Stroke EM2652LHN Makita Trimmer is a fuel-efficient, heavy-duty 4-cycle power tool. It features decompression and lubrication systems, and 2-stage filters for high-performance during long periods of work.

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324LDX 4-Stroke Husqvarna Trimmer

At 14 lbs., 324LDX 4-Stroke Husqvarna Trimmer is small and lightweight. It produces minimal noise, too. It can operate powerfully and handle most types of weeds.

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LF188F-BDQ Lifan 4-Stroke Gas Engine

LF188F-BDQ Lifan 4-Stroke Gas Engine is an industrial-grade product. It features high-quality parts such as cast-iron sleeves and cam shafts, which allow it to deliver superior performance.

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4-Stroke 17-Inch Husqvarna Trimmer

4-Stroke 17-Inch Husqvarna Trimmer is a powerful trimmer with a friendly design. It features a Smart Start system, which allows it to start with minimal effort.

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967055801 Husqvarna Trimmer

The 967055801 Husqvarna Trimmer features a Start Smart system and a flex-drive shaft. It weighs 17 lbs. and runs on gas. Its design is built for heavy-duty performance.

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How to select a 4-cycle string trimer

Try it out. Hold the trimmer like you would when you trim the weeds. Move it around but don’t plug it. If it feels comfortable and if not too heavy, you’ve found the right one for you.

Check consumer reviews. Read what homeowners are saying about a particular model. Make sure the pros outweigh the cons. Amazon is a good place for reading consumer reviews.

Find out how the manufacturer connect with their customers. Check whether it’s easy to contact tech support in case you will have problems with your machine. An excellent customer service is always convenient for you.

Read their Returns policy. Are you able to return the machine in case it doesn’t work after a few days? Does it have a warranty? It should have at least 2 years of warranty.

Check for the attachment-capable design to let you use 10 different attachments with your machine. That will transform your trimmer into a really powerful tool.

4 cycle string trimmers come in different weight. Choose the 11 lbs trimmer so it’s lighter and easier for you to use. You don’t strain your back and spine with this type.

Benefits of 4-cycle string trimmer

Convenient. This type starts easier as it requires less priming for mixing oil and gas. It starts right after pulling the cord. This is because it runs on standard diesel.

Quiet yet powerful. This can handle any weed problem on your lawn quietly unlike other trimmers where it’s noisy. There’s no need to disturb the neighbors or buy earplugs.

It saves fuel and has less emissions. The 4-cycle string trimmer is environment friendly and doesn’t use a lot of fuel to get more things done.

It doesn’t overheat even if you use for hours and in 100 degree weather. You can also cut tough 6” weeds with the 4-cycle. Simple to use yet efficient.

It has superior performance. Whatever weed problems you have with your yard, the 4-cycle can take care of it. It’s built to take care of the tallest weeds.

It’s comfortable to use. It’s doesn’t vibrate a lot and you can use it in different position. You can even use it upside down. The machine is reliable and dependable.

Maintaining your 4-cycle string trimmer

Changing of oil should be done at the beginning of the season and after 20 hours of use. For new trimmers, change the oilafter 5 hours of use.Oil must be of high quality.

Changing of filters should be every three months. Just because the exterior looks clean doesn’t mean you shouldn’t change it. Changing it regularly will keep your machine in good condition.

A general rule: use only clean fuel.There are no exceptions for this. Only fresh oil should be used for this machine to keep it running.

Check the bladesif they’re still sharp and examine its cuts. It should be a clean cut. Otherwise, contact the manufacturer as to what you can do with the blades.

Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines when maintaining your machine. It helps to be informed. Consult the manufacturer if you have questions regarding maintaining your machine.

Always examine your machine before and after every use. Make sure the operation is smooth. Check if all levers are secured correctly and belts don’t have cracks.

Frequently asked questions

Does this type work for vertical edging? Since this engine is powerful, it definitely works for vertical edging. This is one of the best trimmers you will own for your lawn.

How powerful is this engine? It’s about the toughest and the fastest string trimmer out in the market today. It can accomplish more complex tasks. It’s also convenient and easy to use.

What powers do the 4-stroke engine have? There are four elements that allow this engine to run. We have the air, compression, spark, and the fuel. They work together to create a powerful engine that can take on medium to heavy duty performance. If you’re a homeowner with a large garden, the 4-cycle string trimmer is the best trimmer for you.

How is it different from the 2-cycle string trimmers? Both has its pros and cons. In order to find out which one is best for you, consider the size of your lawn and if there are complex structures on it. There are different pros and cons for each type, depending on how you would be using it.

Can you use ethanol gas with the 4-stroke? Do not use ethanol gas. You will damaged your carburetor with ethanol. Use the alcohol-free gas instead.

How do you replace the strings? Check the manufacturer’s manual for this. If you can’t figure out how, speak to a customer service representative to avoid damaging your machine.

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