Best Garden Sprayer

How many times have you overwatered your plants? If you are sick and tired of drowning your plants in excessive amounts of water then you need the best garden sprayer.

Garden sprayers will always deliver the right amount of water, you no longer have to worry about flooding your garden. However, not all garden sprayers work as advertised.

Garden Sprayer Reviews

Field King Professional 190328 Backpack Sprayer

The Field King Professional sprayer by D.B. Smith is a multi-purpose portable sprayer. It features aneasy to access pump that can be installed without using special tools. It comes with padded backpack straps for a secure fit and comfortable usage.

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Chapin 61800 4-gallon Pro Series Backpack Sprayer

The Chapin 61800 4-gallon Pro series sprayer is a multi-purpose sprayer. Can be used for fertilizer, herbicides, pesticides and more. It has a translucent tank with a wide mouth for easy filling and cleaning. It features a 3-stage filtration system with removable and washable filters.

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Chapin 1280 Premiere Pro 2-Gallon Tri-Poxy Steel Sprayer

The Chapin 1280 is a durable and portable sprayer. It features a Tri-Poxytank with a wide opening for easy cleaning and filling. It is compatible with fertilizers, herbicides and weed killers. It is portable and has an ergonomic handle for easy pumping.

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Xpro Titan 5 1.3-Gallon Pump Garden Pressure Sprayer

The Xpro Titan 5 Pressure sprayer is made withpremium quality materials. It features a 1.3-gallon capacity tank, with multi-purpose usage and a max operating pressure of 3 bars. It is portable and ideal for small gardens.

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Rainmaker Pump Sprayer 1-Gallon

The Rainmaker pump sprayer is a multi-purpose, portable sprayer. It features a translucent polyethylene 1-gallon capacity tank and a funnel opening for easy filling. It comes with backpack straps that can be adjusted to securely fit the tank into your back.

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Smith Performance Sprayer R200 2-Gallon Compression Sprayer

The Smith Performance sprayer R200 is a professional-grade sprayer suitable for agricultural and garden use. It features a 2-gallon capacity tank and a durable 21-inch stainless steel wand. It comes with a strap for portability and a stable base.

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Roundup 190259 1-Gallon Garden Sprayer

The Roundup 190259 garden sprayer is a basic garden sprayer suitable for maintaining gardens and cleaning decks. It is easy to assemble and it comes with an efficient pump that only requires fewer strokes. This is sufficient for small gardens.

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Smith Contractor 190216 2-Gallon Garden Sprayer

The Smith Contractor 190216 Garden sprayer is a versatile sprayer that can also be used in commercial cleaning and sanitizing. It comes with a 21-inch poly wand and 5 nozzles for versatility. It has a carry-on handle for portability.

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Hudson 30193 2.5-gallon Sprayer

The Hudson 30193 Sprayer is a compact and basic sprayer. It does not come with backpacks but it features a grip handle for carrying. It has a 12-inch curved brass spray wand. This is suitable for entry-level gardeners.

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Planted Perfect Hand Pump Garden Sprayer

The Planted Perfect hand pump garden sprayer is a small handheld portable garden sprayer. It features a plastic body, brass nozzles, and chemical-resistant seals. It is perfect for those who don’t want bigand bulky sprayers and prefer a handheld sprayer.

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Types of Garden Spray

Garden sprays don’t only mean one kind of liquid container. Different types of garden sprayers are available for different purposes. Here are some garden sprayers and what best describes them.

Tank and gallon sprayers. These are particularly large gallons with a sling to easily carry around on your back. A lot of these models need to pumped first before used.

Trigger sprayers. These are meant for small gardens with minimal need for spraying. It is light and can be lifted with one hand. It can only contain a pint or a quart of liquid inside due to its size.

Aerosol sprayers. These are commercially sold and commonly contain various materials. It is best to follow label instructions and keep these sprays away from children.

Pump/Trombone Sprayers. This is used by continuously sliding the pump in and out of the tube. This is commonly meant for small shrubs and pots of roses.

Hose sprayers. These are an ideal type for large or tall plants. It is also very easy to use since it can fit easily on the end of a garden hose.

How to Select the Best Garden Sprayer

To find the perfect sprayer, one must first take notice of the garden. How large is it? How tall are the plants? After doing so, the homeowner can now consider the ideal garden spray on these basis:

It must be big enough to carry the liquid necessary for the job. Its ok to go back and forth for a refill at least once. But it is best to pick a garden sprayer that can help save time.

The ideal garden sprayer should be innovative. If the sprayer is meant for a large garden, the homeowner can’t be expected to carry a heavy tank around. The tank should be lightweight or has wheels for easier transport.

The design determines its means of operation. Some tanks only require pumping to spray out mists of liquid. There are others that require pumping to build pressure and spray out stronger streams.

Some liquids can contain harsh chemicals which can easily damage your sprayer. The ideal sprayer should be durable and can withstand the chemicals they contain.

Most trustworthy brands have a guarantee or warrantee label. It is best to take advantage of these especially when the price is right. That way, customers are assured that the manufacturer still covers their satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions about Garden Sprayers

Garden sprayers can sometimes be complicated to work with, even with the manual present. Here are a few questions about these sprayers and their answers provided by users.

Can industrial sealant clog punctures on these sprayers?It is best not to try and tamper with the sprayer since this may cause further damage. It may be better to consult an expert about the product.

Can I purchase a new nozzle cap?Yes, manufacturers are bound to make one for their products just in case. These can be commonly purchase at garden supplies stores.

Can I put other types of liquid in it?Garden sprayers are meant to be filled with mixtures of water and other liquid. Hardening or unsuitable chemicals like paint or oil are likely to damage the unit.

Why do the seals keep breaking on my pump sprayer?This can be caused by a lot of factors depending on usage. But it is ideal to vent out all the pressure after the unit is used. This will keep it from happening again.

Is there a list of allowed chemicals that I can use with my sprayer?Normally, all liquid substances that can be applied to plants go well with sprayers, unless advisories and labels forbidso.

How to Maintain your Garden Sprayer

Garden sprayers are essential to gardeners. They’re not a cheap investment, so it’s always better to keep them in good condition. Following these tips can ready the unit for future uses.

Remember that the best cleaning and maintenance steps are in the manual of your unit. It’s recommended to refer to it whenever the user deems necessary.

Take notice of the chemical or substance you’ve previously used. The label may instruct a special cleaning method to completely wash the substance off the container.

Never leave any left-over chemicals in the tank or container. Always empty out the container after use. Do not dispose of the chemical near plants, pets or bodies of water.

Rinse the whole container with hot water. Also try pumping or squirting the hot water out completely to make sure the nozzle is clean as well.

After washing, it’s recommended to dissemble the unit to let it dry thoroughly. If there are nuts, bolts or screws be sure to store them. These are a choking hazard to children and pets.

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