Best Gas String Trimmer

Are you tired of the overgrown hedges that have taken over your yard? If you are then you need to get a hold of the best gas string trimmer!

Gas string trimmers not only make short work of wayward vegetation, they are also relatively safer and easier to use than other garden implements. Choosing the best one can be hard though, so you need to know what to look for.

Gas String Trimmer Reviews

15-Inch EGO Power String Trimmer

15-Inch EGO Power String Trimmer can make heavy and powerful cuts. It is highly efficient and can work with variable speed settings. Its weather-resistant construction allows it to be more durable.

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21142 GreenWorks Trimmer

21142 GreenWorks Trimmer is a simple and powerful garden tool. Its 18-inch cutting path, 2-line bump feed, straight shaft, and cord-lock features make it user-friendly.

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Snapper SXDST82 String Trimmer

You can use Snapper SXDST82 String Trimmer to make heavy cuts. With brushless motor and 2-line bump feed, you can quietly and efficiently make a powerful cut.

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51487 Cordless String Trimmer by Toro

51487 Cordless String Trimmer by Toro is a high-performing gas trimmer. It is fast-rolling, light-weight, and powerful. It can be manoeuvred easily. It can deliver consistent power, too.

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DCST920P1 DEWALT Trimmer

With DCST920P1 DEWALT Trimmer, you can cut powerfully and work conveniently. You can also maximize motor efficiency due to its brushless motor and 2-line bump feed.

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GT-225 Commercial String Trimmer

GT-225 Commercial String Trimmer is lightweight, heavy-duty, and powerful. You can use it on tall and thick weeds. It features a curved shaft, which makes it good for wide spaces.

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ECHO SRM-225 String Trimmer

ECHO SRM-225 String Trimmer is a handy tool. You can use it to make powerful and precise cuts. It starts fast, runs quietly, and re-loads easily.

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CST00012 Earthwise Trimmer

With CST00012 Earthwise Trimmer, you can make sharp and precise cuts. It features a flip-down guard, a single-line bump feed, an adjustable cutter, and a rotating upper handle.

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WG160 WORX String Trimmer

WG160 WORX String Trimmer is a high-capacity trimmer. It comes with a tilting head and a quick-release lever. Apart from making powerful cuts, it stands out due to its convertible mini-mower design.

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LST420 BLACK-DECKER Trimmer is a powerful 1-line trimmer. You can use it for continuous work. It features a dual-mode accelerator that can support work during longer periods.

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How to select a gas string trimmer

How big is your yard? Gas string trimmers are ideal for bigger yards as it can get more things done. Consider the electric trimmer if you have small lawns.

Curved Shank or straight shank? You can accomplish more tasks like cultivating, blowing, and edging with the straight shaft. Otherwise, use the curved shank trimmer.

The curved shank is easy to use and comfortable. They’re also lighter and affordable. With regard to performance, there’s not much difference between the curved and the straight shank. It’s up to the homebuyer if he prefers either one of the two.

Do you need light, medium, or heavy duty performance? Gas string trimmers come in different swaths for cutting weeds. Follow this guide: 13’ for lighter use, 16’ for moderate, and 17’ for heavy duty.

How about a trigger lock? Protection should be the number one priority. Make sure the gas string trimmer has this feature and it should be easy to use.

Look for additional features. A gas string trimmer should allow you to trim areas that other string trimmers can’t reach. Additional features include brush cutting blade and the centrifugal clutch.

Advantages of using gas string trimmers

They’re convenient and portable. Gas string trimmers are cordless. You don’t need to worry about damaging the cables. You get more things done with a gas- powered trimmers as it can accomplish complex work.

They give you more power. Since it is powered by gas, there is no limit to how far it can go so long as there is fuel. This is especially great for bigger yards.

Can cover a larger area. This is for heavy duty application. You can get a faster cut and ample power with a gas string trimmer.

Gas-powered string trimmers are the most powerful trimmers in the market. They come in either the 2-stroke or the four-cycle engine. The latter being more powerful.

They can easily trim overgrown and tall weeds. Landscaping your big garden will not be a problem for you when using gas trimmers.

You save more time. If you’re busy and always on the go, gas string trimmers are your excellent choice. You get things done efficiently and effectively.

Tips for using gas string trimmers

Always wear protective clothing every single time. The eyes should be your top priority. Unprotected eyes can cause severe injuries. Getting a visor instead of googles are ideal since the former protects your entire face. Wear closed shoes, long sleeves, and gloves.

Read the manual before using your machine. It’s essential for you to be familiarized with the controls and how to use them. Make sure all attachments are secured.

Never start or use the gas trimmer in an enclosed space like a house or building. Watch out for bystanders when you’re using the trimmer.

Proper fueling is essential for a gas string trimmer. Use only the type of fuel that the manufacturer requires. Using other types of fuel could be dangerous.

Check the weather before trimming. You could slip or slide on the grass if it’s wet. Your trimmer also cannot operate fully when the grass is wet.

Wear protective clothing for flying debris and dirt. Long sleeves can protect your arms and googles can protect your eyes. Face masks are also ideal.

Taking care of your gas string trimmers

Avoid using water and chemical cleaners. Both can cause damage to the tool. After trimming, let it cool down before keeping it out of reach of children.

Store it in a dry area. Follow best practices found in manual. Gas string trimmers have different maintenance practices. It would depend on the model type.

Make sure you read the manufacturer’s instructions on how to maintain your trimmer.Replace the trimmer line.The specific trimmer line that you need is found the user manual.

You would have to replace the trimmer line after several uses. Make sure you inspect the area before replacing it. Turn off trimmer before performing maintenance.

Disconnect it from either the spark plugs or the power supply before cleaning it. Follow the procedure provided by manufacturer. Note that spark plugs need to be inspected annually.

You’ll find the spark arrestor in the engine’s muffler.Clean it regularly and replace after 25 hours of use. The fiberglass type arrestor should be replaced as it can’t be cleaned.

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