Best Hedge Shears

Are you always annoyed that your hedges are somewhat uneven? Spare yourself from further frustration by getting the best hedge shears.

Hedge shears make short work of the laborious chore of hedge trimming. However, you should choose the right shears for your plants and your stature.

Hedge Shears Reviews

TABOR TOOLS Extendable Hedge Shears

The TABOR TOOLS extendable hedge shear is a convenient pair of shears that can be extended to 33 inches. It can be used for trimming, shaping, and cutting hard to reach shrubs and branches. It is convenient for tall shrubs and garden plants.

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Fiskars 23 inch PowerGear Hedge Shears

The Fiskars 23 inch PowerGear Hedge Shear is ideal for trimming and shaping hedges. It is easy to use and definitely recommended for people suffering from arthritis. It features a non-circular gearing mechanism that improves the cutting force near the middle of the cut.

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ARS 28 to 41 ½ inch Hedge Shears HS-K900Z

The ARS HS-K900Z hedge shear is a durable and extendable pair of hedge shears. It features chrome-plated blades and telescopic hedge shear. Ideal for hard to reach shrubs and trees.

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ARS HS-KR1000 Professional Hedge Shears

The ARS HS-KR1000 hedge shear is high-quality pair of hedge shears. It features steel and blade treatment that gives a long-lasting sharpness. When the blades are not sharp enough to cut, the blades can be replaced by new ones.

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Corona HS 3950 Extendable Hedge Shear

The Corona HS 3950 extendable hedge shear is a lightweight and durable pair of shears. It features 8.5” forged high carbon steel blades that aredurable, and extendable grips from 15 inches to 26 iches for hard to reach shrubs.

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Miracle-Gro 18978 Enviro-Line Titanium Wavy Blade Hedge Shear

The Miracle-Gro 1897 hedge shear is a durable and long-lasting pair of shears. It features titanium bonded blades that are 3x harder than ordinary steel and will stay sharp for a longer period. It also has blade tension control that can be adjusted to your own comfort.

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Okatsune Precision Hedge Shears

The Okatsune hedge shears is a pair of short garden shears withonly 22 inches in length. It is used for precision cutting and it is used by professional gardeners in Japan. The wooden handles are made of Japanese white oak.

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Truper 31477 Hedge Shear

The Truper 31477 hedge shear is a basic pair of shears for gardeners. It features tubular handles with ergonomic grips and 12 inch precision ground blades that are long lasting.

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Gilmour Basic Hedge Shear 8-inch Coated Blades

The Gilmour basic hedge shear is a basicpair of shears for gardeners. It features 8 inch non-stick coated blades and shock absorbing bumpers. It is great for entry-level gardeners.

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APEX PRODUCTS G1312 Basic Hedge Shear

The APEX Products G1312 hedge shear is a basic pair of shears. It is easy to use and is made of high-quality materials for added durability. Good for basic gardening.

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Types of Hedge Shears

A staple tool in every gardener’s shed is the handy hedge shears. Before purchasing one, it’s best to familiarize first with its different types. This way, you’ll know which is the best.

Handheld shears or trimmers. This is the typical kind of shears used by most homeowners with small gardening responsibilities. This resembles a large pair of scissors and is also the cheapest choice.

Gas-powered hedge shears. These are the most powerful types of shears available in the market. These are most suitable for thick bushes with thicker stems.

Wireless shears or trimmers. These are stronger types of shears compared to handheld trimmers. They are also handheld but aren’t as powerful as gas-powered shears.

Battery-operated or rechargeable trimmers. Compared to the other trimmers above, rechargeable trimmers have poor performance. They also have to be charged every now and then or else they don’t work.

Tractor-mounted shears. These are meant for a large amount of shearing tasks. These machines commonly operate with a movable arm and a large shear attachment.

Advantages of Using Hedge Shears

Hedge shears are very likeable tools since they keep the garden neat and tidy. They go by many names such as trimmers and pruning scissors. Other benefits of using hedge shears are listed below.

They are easy to purchase. They can be found in almost every garden supply store. They can be purchased by anyone who may need it.

Hedge shears are available in different kinds. Different types are available for different purposes. A variety of blades can also be manually installed on your preferred device.

Handheld shears are lightweight and mostly get the job done. Most gardeners prefer using the handheld shears since it is the cheapest kind. It is also easy to sharpen and to keep.

It is very easy to operate. Gas powered and rechargeable shears work just as how they should. It requires little knowledge of machineries and is also easy to store.

They are also easy to clean. The blades need cleaning the most since it can become dull overtime. Cleaning the sharp parts with oil will keep the blade sharp and ready for future uses.

How to Select Hedge Shears

Choosing the right hedge shears can be difficult for most people. They may just pick up the closest one to the counter and then pay for it. Make sure to consider these factors when purchasing hedge shears.

Take a closer look at the price. Is it worth the over-all value of the shears? Expensive hedge shears should be as durable as the label says.

Pruning and cutting down leaves and stems can eventually wear down the shears. Purchase hedge shears with replacement parts that are easy to find in the market.

The cutting mechanism varies from every hedge shears. Cutting the bushes regularly will leave little space for strong branches to grow. Choosing the ideal hedge shears will also reflect on how often you’ll use it.

The length of the blades is another thing to consider. If the homeowner cuts and prunes close to the shrubs, he should opt for shears with shorter blades. If longer blades are preferable, it should also have a long handle.

The handle is as important as the rest of the tool. This part should have a snug and non-slippery grip. Having shears with safe handles can save the user from fatal accidents.

Frequently Asked Questions

It may be difficult for some people to pick out the perfect tool. These common queries might be able to solve their concerns regarding hedge shears.

The blade keeps stopping when I try to trim my hedge, why is that?It may be that the branch or twigs in that bush are too thick. If so, appropriate tool should be used. Forcing it may damage the blade.

Is there an indication that I’ve put too much petrol/oil?Refilling gas powered hedge shears are very easy to do. All the information regarding maximum liquid capacity can be found in its corresponding manual.

Can I repair my hedge shears by myself?It is advisable not to do that since bolts and sharp edges may cause accidents. Also, do not attempt doing so near other people especially children.

Can handheld shears cut clean in a straight line?These shears are designed to be maneuverable. The results will still depend on the user’s manner of cutting the hedge.

How often do I have to sharpen the blades?These may depend on how often they are used. Sharpening the blades is actually harder than it looks. It’s best to have a professional look into it.

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