Best Smart Irrigation Controller

Have you ever forgotten to water your lawn and garden plants? If you have neglected your garden multiple times already, you need to install the best smart irrigation controller.

When you have a smart controller for your garden irrigation you just have to program a schedule and you can forget it. You will no longer have to fear going home to a dried up garden ever again.

Smart Irrigation Controller Reviews

Rachio Smart Sprinkler 8 Zone 2nd Generation

The Rachio Smart Sprinkler is a high-quality smart sprinkler. It works with Amazon Alexa and is easy to control. It automatically adapts to your local weather and changing seasons. It connects with smart home platforms.

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RainMachine Touch HD-12 Smart Wifi Irrigation Controller 2nd Generation


The RainMachine Touch HD-12 Smart Irrigation controller is a premium controller that is easy to install. It adjusts to your local daily weather. It can connect to you your smartphone and even your desktop. It comes with a screen display that allows you to monitor and fully control the unit.

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RainRobot SC6400 Smart Irrigation Controller

The SC6400 smart irrigation controller by RainRobot is a smartphone-programmable irrigation controller. It can be installed easily and can quickly adjust to your local weather. It uses 2 AA batteries and is long lasting.

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Smart Irrigation Controller by KEAN

The smart irrigation controller by KEAN is an efficient, easy to install irrigation controller. It connects to your smartphone via an app that has real time monitoring features.

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netAQUA 9D WIFI Sprinkle-Smart Irrigation Controller

The netAQUA 9D is a high-quality irrigation controller. It uses international weather services and microclimate sensors to adjust to your local weather. It can connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi or Ethernet. It can be controlled by a smartphone, tablet or a computer.

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Nxeco Pro Smart Sprinkler Controller

The Nxeco Pro smart sprinkler controller is a professional-grade controller. It is simple to install and operate. It can connect through Wi-Fi or Ethernet and can be controlled by Wi-Fi-enabled devices. It adjusts to your local weather via theInternet.

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RainBird ST80 WIFI Smart Irrigation Controller

The RainBird smart irrigation controller is a convenient controller that allows the user to access anywhere in the world. It connects via Wi-Fi and can be controlled by your smartphone. It adjusts and adapts to your local weather.

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RainMachine Mini-8 Smart Wi-Fi Irrigation Controller

The RainMachine Mini 8 is Wi-Fi controlled controller that can connect to Nest, Alexa, and Smart Things through IFTT. It comes with a white LED display for easy monitoring and control. It is compatible with Android and iOS devices.

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GreenIQ Smart Garden Hub 6 Zone Wi-Fi Irrigation Controller

The GreenIQ smart irrigation controller is a high-quality controller that is easy to install. It can be installed in 30 mins. It is waterproof and can be connected to leading home automation programs. It can also control your landscape lighting.

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Orbit 57950 B-hyve Smart 12 station Sprinkler System Controller

The Orbit 57950 b-hyve smart sprinkler controller is a weather-resistant durable controller. It features smart watering that adapts to your local weather and Wi-Fi timer control that you can access to Wi-Fi-enabled devices.

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Types of Smart Irrigation Controller

Irrigation can now be activated remotely or even without the homeowner’s presence. Smart irrigation controllers use sensors and weather data to adjust the watering schedule according to the environment.

Historic weather data. This type of smart irrigation controller uses recorded information from databases. One should enter the area’s zip code and the local weather data will be recognized by the irrigation system.

Latest weather news. This is similar to historic weather data but it uses the current information instead. This system uses the latest weather data to schedule watering cycles.

Controllable. Most of these systems can be controlled from almost anywhere. It can be controlled by the designated app which can be downloaded for either iOS, Android or desktop devices.

Added protection. Some types of irrigation controllers come with outdoor enclosures. This protects the controller from potential damage caused by excessive sun exposure or heavy-water damage.

Moisture sensitivity. Another type of smart irrigation controller has a sensitive instrument that measures moisture. This is commonly buried under the soil and activates the irrigation system only when necessary.

How to Maintain Your Smart Irrigation Controller?

These innovations may prove to be efficient and effective but they should be well-handled. Following these maintenance tips can save lots of time and money for the user.

It is best to refer to the manual every time you have questions regarding the system. The manual will tell specifically what to do when malfunctions occur. It can also give tips about maintenance and proper handling.

Take notice if your irrigation controller has a battery. It’s a good idea to charge these batteries as often as necessary. This will enable the irrigation system to work even if a power failure occurs.

Make sure to turn off the controller when the winter months roll in. Some systems require specific instructions to be properly stored. These should be thoroughly followed to avoid repair expenses.

Do not attempt to do repairs by yourself. It is best not to tamper with sophisticated irrigation controllers if you are not thoroughly aware of the system. Doing so may cause leaks and unwanted cracks.

Have a professional install the system. Purchase from trusted suppliers when installing these systems for the first time. They are most likely to provide phone numbers to call in case of any issues with your purchase.

Advantages of Having Smart Irrigation Controller

Even though it is proven effective, some homeowners are still not convinced by smart irrigation controllers. It’s good to knowthat there are a few proven advantages by these devices. Some of these advantages are listed below.

Unlike timed-irrigation systems, there are smart irrigation controllers that detect moisture. This saves water costs since the controller will automatically activate when the lawn will need more water.

Smart irrigation controllers are also dependable lawn-caretakers. Even if the homeowner is away for a few days, the irrigation system can keep watering the lawn. This will keep the lawn lush and green even if the homeowner is away.

These irrigation systems are made to predict weather conditions through local information. This information will be based on the local area’s databaseso there is a high accuracy rate with the predicted results.

This system works automatically so there is less effort required from the user. After the system is set up, it should be updated with local weather information. Then, the user can simply neglect watering the lawn.

Smart irrigation controllers promote a healthier lawn. Lawns that are properly watered have less chances of being infiltrated by fungus. It’s good to remember that these advantages are attainable only if the controller is properly handled.

Frequently Asked Questions About Smart Irrigation Controller

Some curious homeowners are still doubtful about these sophisticated devices. Listed below are common queries answered by customers who have had experience with smart irrigation controllers.

Where does it get its weather data?These devices are designed to connect to the nearest network connection. It then gains access to networks of weather stations. Here, it stores all the weather information in its database.

Is there a specific hardware that I should use with this?It is best to familiarize yourself first with the specific product before purchasing. There are chances when customers do not possess the necessary hardware to use their controller.

Are mobile devices also compatible with smart irrigation controllers?These are commonly compatible with standard devices such as phones, tablets and even desktops. There may be cases where compatibility is limited to some devices.

Is there a monthly fee or any additional fee while using smart irrigation controllers?In most cases, there’s no monthly fee of any kind after you pay the product’s standard retail price.

Can I set my smart irrigation controller manually instead?Yes, a lot of smart irrigation systems allow the user to choose from a variety of options. Most devices can be scheduled automatically or by date and time.

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