Best String Trimmer

Best String Trimmer

Are you looking for the ultimate solution to your weed problem? The best string trimmer will take care of your gardening problems by giving you perfect landscaping and leaving the smell of freshly cut grass in its wake.

String trimmers shouldn’t just be able to cut grass. Look for one that is lightweight, so you can carry it around, as well as quiet, so your neighbors won’t be annoyed every time you tend to your garden.

CORE GasLess Powered Trimmer

CORE Outdoor Power is a company that produces gas-less motor technology for gardening tools. Their products claim to provide as much power as gas-fed equipment, without the maintenance difficulties traditionally associated with them.

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The company’s Powered Trimmer is an example of this technology. Sporting a dual-mode power control, it lets you choose between speed and torque settings. This allows the user to set the performance for longer run times.

The product is run by a power cell that works in conjunction with specially-built electronics. This allows the product to generate power equivalent to gas-powered trimmers. The power cell can achieve a run time of 70 minutes.

The trimmer has a 5-year warranty for residential use, which is more than double of what competitors offer. This is handy since the device is meant to take the wear and tear of daily use.

Because it is electric, the product functions more quietly than gas-fed trimmers. There is no revving engine sound when starting the device. Instead, it just spins quickly to start its task. Since there is no vibrating motor, operation is easier.

One downside of the product is the gap between the motor and the line housing. Tall grass can easily get stuck here, tangling up and possibly impeding operation.

Another downside is the lack of a battery indicator anywhere on the product. While the trimmer is benchmarked at 70 minutes, this is still variable. A battery indicator would be handy to know when the product needs recharging.

The product is best-suited for those looking for a quiet but powerful trimmer, who do not expect to use the product in prolonged applications. The lack of a battery indicator may mean the product starts to die down unexpectedly.

  • Dual-mode allows you to choose between speed and torque for better performance
  • Specially-built power cell can last for 70 minutes
  • 5-year warranty for residential use
  • Electric trimmer means less noise and vibration
  • Grass can be caught in the gap between motor and housing
  • Trimmer has no battery indicator

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DEWALT Lithium Ion Brushless String Trimmer

DEWALT is a renowned maker of power tools both for residential and commercial applications. The company is focused on creating tools that will last in tough conditions, while still performing their given job properly.

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The DEWALT Lithium Ion trimmer is an example of this drive. The brushless motor makes the trimmer more efficient while reducing the effects of wear and tear.

The product’s trigger allows for adjustable speed, allowing the trimmer’s performance to be set depending on the job conditions.

The gear drive design is a patented system, allowing the trimmer to generate more power. The line is also durable, and does not have to be advanced as often as in other brands.

There is a bump feed, which works better than the automatic feed that some other brands provide. It is reliable, though at times it does not need to be used.

One issue with the product is the small guard, which can send debris flying out in different directions. Users need to be careful in the direction the trimmer is used to make sure they are not hit with debris.

The motor is also on top of the trimmer’s head, making the product unbalanced. This makes the product a little harder to use than its competitors, especially for prolonged periods.

The DEWALT trimmer is best suited for those who do not have rocky or debris-filled grounds. The small guard may pose a danger then trimming through such places.

  • Brushless motor makes the trimmer efficient and durable.
  • Trigger allows for adjustable speed settings.
  • Patented gear drive and superior line provide more trimming power
  • Bump feed is effective.
  • Small guard is ineffective in catching thrown debris.
  • Motor’s position on top of head makes the device unbalanced.

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Black + Decker Max Lithium String Trimmer

Black and Decker is an American company focused on the creation of power tools. Their products are known for their quality and value, as well as durability.

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The Max Lithium electric trimmer exemplifies this focus. The product delivers more power to the string thanks to the PowerDrive Transmission feature.

There is also a PowerCommand dial feature, which toggles between max runtime and max power. This lets the user choose the trimmer’s performance depending on the job at hand.

The trimmer also scores in versatility. Just by turning the shaft, it turns from a trimmer to an edger. The head can be rotated to as much as 180 degrees,

Another feature is the Automatic Feed Spool. This eliminates bumping, ensuring uninterrupted work. This feature dispenses the line automatically, harnessing the motor’s centrifugal force.

The downside of the trimmer also lies with the Automatic Feed Spool system. Because of the relatively high price of spools, dispensing the line even if you do not need them can be expensive.

The battery also has a low runtime compared to other devices. The Lo position usually nets up to 25 minutes of work, while the Hi position gets less than half of that.

The Black + Decker trimmer is best for those who want a “grab-and-go” trimmer for those small tasks. The AFS ensures you have a line when you need it, but the low battery life can be a deal breaker.

  • PowerDrive Transmission gives more power
  • PowerCommand dial sets between Hi and Lo settings
  • The trimmer can be used as an edger with a turn of the shaft
  • The Automatic Feed Spool (AFS) makes sure you have a constant supply of line
  • The AFS can be wasteful by providing line even if you do not need it
  • The batter has a low runtime of 25 minutes at most

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GreenWorks Corded String Trimmer

Not many companies approach the creation of power tools with a mission to help the environment. However, this is exactly what GreenWorks does.

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A good example of this is their Corded String Trimmer. It is versatile enough to run on three power sources — batteries, power outlets, and gas attachments.

The cord stays out of the way with a cord lock feature. This is attached to the lightweight body and the simple electric mechanism.

There is a telescoping handle, so users can adjust it to comfortable levels. To add to the ergonomic features, the on-switch is easy to reach since it is about a couple of inches long.

Then, there is the double string which makes it more durable. This makes the trimmer good for use even against tall weeds.

One problem with the product is is that it can only be used with limited types of strings. This can come as a problem when the string has to be replaced (and no one has it in stock).

The customer service behind the product can also come as a problem. Replacements for a defective unit can take a long time to ship.

This GreenWorks trimmer is best-suited for light and casual gardeners. The number of options for a power supply is especially useful for residential applications.

  • Three power sources — batteries, outlets, and gas attachments
  • Lightweight body with a cord-lock feature
  • Telescoping handle with easy-to-reach on-switch
  • Durable double-string
  • Only can be used with limited types of strings
  • Long wait for replacements

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Toro Corded Electric Trimmer/Edger

Toro is a company focused on the creation of landscaping and turf maintenance solutions. Among its line of outdoor environment products is the 14-inch electric trimmer.

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The trimmer’s durable dual-line head is wider than many of its competitors. This reduces the time it takes for the trimming by covering a larger area at once.

There is also a telescoping shaft, as well as an adjustable assist handle. This makes it easy to control the reach of the trimmer.

The trimmer can also be put to use as an edger. The process takes just a few seconds, with Toro’s single-step walk-behind conversion.

There is also an automatic string feed that makes sure you have string when you need it. This engages at each time it starts from a stop.

But here also lies one of the pain points of the trimmer. There are lots of times when the auto-feed does not work properly, and fails to dispense string.

Aside from that, the most common issue with the product is its durability. The body of the trimmer does not last as much as some of its competitors.

The Toro trimmer is best suited for those who want a simple, no-frills trimmer. Users should see to it that it is guarded against rough conditions, as the problems in durability may start to manifest.

  • Dual-line head is wider than most
  • Telescoping shaft and adjustable handle
  • From trimmer to edger in seconds
  • Automatic string feed
  • Trimmer auto-feed may not always work
  • Lacks the durability of some competitors

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