Gardening Tools You Should Have in Your Garden

Are you thinking about taking up gardening as a hobby?  Gardening is a great pastime that’s both relaxing and rewarding as it feeds the nurturing side of your personality.   Here, you’ll find a great list of garden tools.

Many beginners in gardening get overly excited about it that they sometimes overdo it.  This guide will help you know which tools you really need so you can avoid buying those that you won’t really use in the long run.


Hori in Japanese means “to dig”. The hori-hori is a gardening tool that many expert gardeners love as it combines the functions of a knife and a trowel. It is a serrated knife that can do different kinds of gardening jobs.

The hori-hori is an indispensable tool whose main purpose is actually to cut plants and roots. But for most gardeners, it does more than that.

Its wide blade helps you dig through dirt without needing to use a trowel, while the serrated blade also helps cut weeds and other hard to cut plants.

You may also use the hori-hori for transplanting, splitting and weeding. The thick blade makes it a great tool for digging through dirt as well.

Ergonomic Shovel

There was a time when any other shovel will do when you are gardening. Some gardeners still use old shovels and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Recent technological advances have made it possible for the shovel to be ergonomically designed and thus easier to handle.   Ergonomic shovels are made with the comfort of the person using it in mind.

These might be a bit pricier than the usual but it’s very much worth it. The handles are made with non-slip grips and the spade of the shovel is made with heavy steel.

Shovels of the ergonomic sort are highly recommended for people who suffer from arthritis. 

Scissors and Pruners

What your hori-hori cannot do, your scissors or your pruners should be able to. Your gardening chores would definitely include cutting dead leaves off the stems.  For this job, scissors and pruners are your best tools.

Scissors and pruners should be kept sharp at all times. They should also be cleaned and oiled to ensure that they don’t rust.

Many gardeners say that you can never have enough pruners and scissors.  If you are just starting, however, you might want to get a feel of a couple first before you start a collection.

A Gardening Apron

Remember how carpenters would always have a tool belt hanging over their waist every time they come to work? The gardening equivalent is the gardening apron.

A gardening apron is a specialized apron that can hold your tools while you are doing your gardening tasks.  It should have several pockets that are deep enough to hold all those gardening tools.

It should also be sturdy enough.  Not all gardening tools are made of light-weight material.  An apron made of flimsy material will not serve its purpose.

You also need an apron that is easy to wash.  You will surely accumulate a lot of grime, both while working on the ground or with potted plants.  A gardening apron that’s machine washable is a good option.

Hat and Sunscreen

Plants require sunlight and water in order to grow. This means that you will also be outside under the sun when you do your gardening chores.

You will need protection from the harmful, cancer causing rays of the sun when you are outdoors. You’ll need some sunscreen and a hat.

Your gardening hat should have a wide brim so that it covers your face from the rays of the sun. Some hats even come with protective netting.

It should also be made with sweat wicking material so you don’t end up with a head that smells like stinky gym socks. Make sure the hats don’t sit too tightly on your head too.

Cotton and straw are the most common types of gardening hats. Some other hats use materials that are used in making athletic equipment but those are more expensive.

You should also apply sunscreen when you are gardening. Broad spectrum ones are the best.

To avoid the harsh rays of the sun, you should do your gardening during the late afternoon around 4-5PM. You can also garden early in the morning at around 6-8AM.

The garden tools list with uses provided here should help you guide you into building up a great garden. There are more tools available that you can use but for now these should help you get started.

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