How to Use a String Trimmer Safely

Are you trying to learn how to use a string trimmer?  Here, you will learn all about using this tool along with other safety tips. These should help ensure that you get the most out of your string trimmer.

String trimmers are handy garden tools that when used properly will help keep your garden looking neat and orderly. For gardeners who are beginners, it isn’t always clear how to safely use this kind of tool.

Safety First

Before using a string trimmer, you will need to make sure that you have the proper safety equipment. These are:

Proper Clothing – it is highly recommended that you wear long sleeved shirts, long pants like jeans or cargo pants and closed shoes. These clothes will protect you and keep you clean as you are using the string trimmer.

Long shirts and sunscreen will add protection from the harsh rays of the sun. Long pants will ensure that the trimmings won’t stick to your skin as these can cause allergies for some people.

Closed shoes will also ensure that loose trimmings won’t get in between your toes. For some people, contact with freshly trimmed grass triggers an itch on their toes.

Thick Gloves – Choose gloves that are made especially for gardening. These are available at hardware stores.

Rubber gloves break and tear too easily. Carpentry gloves are too thick and too hard to manage.

Garden gloves are made with thick cloth that lets your fingers move while you are gardening. Find one that fits your hand exactly.

Protective Glasses – these are similar to the ones used in chemistry lab when you were in school. These protect your eyes from flying particles.

Protective glasses are often made of fiberglass material. Make sure that they wrap around your entire eye area snuggly and comfortably. 

First Steps

You should read the owner’s manual thoroughly before using the string trimmer. It might be long and tedious but it will help you understand your equipment better.

The assembly of the string trimmer should be done correctly. Make sure to follow the assembly instructions completely.

If you are using a gas powered trimmer, use only the right kind of fuel. If you are using an electrically powered one, plug it in the right voltage.

Starting Your Trimmer

Most gas powered trimmers require starting up with a button or a pull of a string. If you are using the former, press on the start button as per instruction manual.

If your trimmer requires a pull of string in order to start this is what you need to do. First, you should lay your trimmer on the ground.

Pump the gas with the correct number of times in order to get it to the proper place inside the machine. Read the manual for guidance.

Pull on the string once or twice. If the machine does not start immediately, wait a few moments and try again.

Holding Your Trimmer

Hold your trimmer at the handle. Do not hold it in the body.

Hold your trimmer by your waist. Make sure that you are not bending too low.

Some trimmers have extensions so taller people can also use them comfortably. Ask the store if they have this if you find that you have to bend too low.

The Trimming Process

Trim the grass on your lawn by placing your string trimmer as close as you can to the ground such that the string is rotating freely. Don’t put it too close to the ground or it might stop spinning.

When trimming tall grass, trim the tops a few centimeters at a time. This ensures more even trimming.

Trimming tall grass at once could end up patchy and uneven. Be patient and trim slowly.

By now you should know how to use a string trimmer. Continue practicing and you’ll be a pro in no time.  Feel free to share this article with other homeowners like you.

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